How to use Pinterest to get a job — yes, you read that correctly!

By Sara Kirkpatrick ’17, Advertising and Marketing major

Pinterest isn’t just a place to daydream about home decor — it’s a vivid, unique platform that has amplified the meaning of personal branding within social media. As students, we can leverage this network for professional development by revealing what we love or aspire to do. A great Pinterest presence can even drive traffic to your LinkedIn profile, which is an important strategy and can help set you apart.

It’s important to know what to Pin and how to use it. Here are suggestions:

  • Organizations—Where do you want to work? What companies inspire you? Make sure you’re following — and interacting with — brands and professional organizations in your field of interest.
  • Causes—If you’re a volunteer or are just passionate about a subject, add content from websites or images that reflect that cause.
  • Blogs—Write a blog or follow one and add links to Pinterest posts.
  • Resumes—Develop a creative resume and pin examples for reference
  • Designs—Showcase your online portfolio; pin images that lead back to an e-portfolio
  • Advice—Re-pin quotes on Pinterest. Use these to share advice or collect inspiration.
  • Clothing— Illustrate professionalism by demonstrating knowledge on what’s appropriate to wear for an interview or at the workplace.


Additionally, pins should mirror the pinners we follow, reflecting interests, goals, and brand. In doing this, you can establish yourself as an industry expert early on in your career. This could lead to networking opportunities with potential employers prior to graduation.

If you’re considering using Pinterest for professional purposes, it is important to note that certain industries leverage Pinterest more than others. If you’re interested in creative communication and visual branding (e.g. fashion, retail, media, entertainment, food), it may be even more critical to create a Pinterest profile worth following.

Happy Pinning!

img_6388Sara Kirkpatrick is a senior majoring in Advertising and Marketing with a minor in Communications. She is working as a digital strategist for FIR, the student-run advertising agency. She also blogs for PSU Chronicles.

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